Choosing the right balustrade for your property is of great importance we can offer decadent grand staircases and hard-wearing outdoor balustrades alike, Bradfabs can deliver function and style to your home or development with bespoke balustrades. Designed to your specification we install and deliver direct to homes, schools and offices across the UK.

We have many competitors for balustrade and many of them are considerably cheaper but you have to aliken buying steel products to buying a car, you get what you pay for!

Manufacturing and installing quality steelwork requires precision and expertise and just being a small  fraction out is the difference between an item fitting and ending up in the scrap bin. Our team of dedicated and trained professionals will ensure the product you buy from us not only fits but is also fit for purpose, we will not try and sell you an item that wont meet your needs.

Bradfabs welcome healthy competition and we urge our customers to do their homework before parting with money... see our page for guidance.



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