Trust Bradfabs


Bradfabs have rescued many customers who have dealt with another online competitor who has not only taken payment, but also not delivered the item.

For legal reasons, we are not allowed to state their name, but we are advising all customers new and old to carry out the following checks on a company before spending money with them, because at the end of the day a website is just a front and is there a legitimate business behind it?


Anyone can use a badge on their website, but is it genuine? To find out you can go direct to the accrediting body and check with them.


All companies should be insured and you are more than entitled to ask to see a certificate of insurance. Delays suggest absence.

Cheap Prices

When investing in an item for your home, such as a balcony or staircase, it is likely to be a significant and not something you would like to do twice! 

Unfortunately, this can happen and we have helped numerous customers who have looked online on a price only basis and been very disappointed.

Technical Expertise

Any company working within a relevant field should have a good knowledge or expertise, especially when it comes to your home/business and its safety.

All items should be compliant to relevant British Standards as a minimum and the company should be more than willing to discuss options and any queries you have.

Site Survey

There are many variables when installing items at your home/business and many challenges (like access or poor fixing conditions) that maybe you wouldn’t notice that could have a severe impact on whether an item will work at your property.

Bradfabs can usually offer accurate advice based on a digital photo, we wouldn’t just sell you a product regardless of whether it would be fit for purpose or not!

 For larger items we usually carry out a site survey so accurate dimensions can be taken, but some of our customers feel confident enough to do this themselves or get a builder to do this.

Financial Stability

Has the company been in continuous trading?

We recommend that a background check is carried out to ensure the company has the financial stability to even fund your job!

Customer References

Any company with a reputable history would not have an issue with providing you with a reference.

Bradfabs will go one step further - choose any job from our website and we will get you a contact number for the customer (providing they are still living at the property or trading at the address.)

VAT Registration

Any company charging VAT should be VAT registered and therefore have a VAT registration certificate.