Meet The Team

Bradfabs is run by a team of office staff and skilled workers making up a total of 23.

A testament to our business is that we have been continually operating over 30 years, coming out of the recession (fingers crossed its over) with a recruitment drive to take on more people.

Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your requirement, it will be more than likely one of the office staff who answer.

Graham Wilson - Director

Graham Wilson the director of Bradfabs

Graham started out as an apprentice with Robert working at an engineering company, honed his talents as a skilled fabricator, then Graham joined forces with Robert to set up Bradfabs. Grown strength from strength to the size it is today. Graham moved 8 years ago into the office from the shop floor to spend most of his time producing detailed fabrication drawings for manufacture. When Graham isn’t saving the world a staircase at a time he spends a lot of his time cycling, playing squash or riding his motorbike.

Jonny Wiltshire - Works Foreman

Joining the team in 2010 Jonny now oversees the workforce with Adrian ensuring work is delivered and our customers kept satisfied.

A highly skilled fabricator who spends most of the week working at Bradfabs. On a weekend Jonny is a keen gym enthusiast and enjoys the great outdoors with the dogs.  He enjoy spending time with his wife and their children


Adrian Moore - Works Foreman

Adrian joined the Bradfabs team 20 years ago and is the longest service member of staff, he manages the workforce alongside Jonny. Adrian is a highly skilled fabricator often carrying out complicated work that not many others will try.

Adrian probably holds the Bradfabs record for number of hours worked but when he is away from here he spends time with his family.

Kirstie Ibbotson - Office Manager

Kirstie is the super organised mum of 3 and is a dedicated member of our team.  You will recognise Kirstie if you call us up she the most super polite one of us all.

Out of the office Kirstie loves spending time with her family, running round watching the children at various activities and walking her beloved greedy labrador.

Daniel Lofthouse - Contract Manager

Dan works alongside Jonny and Graham producing detailed fabrication drawings for manufacture and managing projects.  He has become a great asset to the company.

Outside of work Dan loves spending time with his family and has some fantastic hobbies including being a keen photographer.

Rachel Rose - Accounts

Rachel is the newest member of our team and has settled into the Bradfabs' office in no time.  She has sunny disposition whilst ensuring everyone pays their bills on time.

Outside of work, Rachel likes to spend time with her family and two dogs, and also drinking cocktails 

Jessica Simmonite - Admin

Jessica joined the team last year working part time, looking after the admin side of the business and keeping the Directors in line.  She brings her sunny disposition to the office and has the office laughing at her little stories.

Outside of the office, Jessica enjoys the high life of beauty and relaxation whilst having an activity social life

Robert Simmonite - Director

Robert started out as an apprentice with Graham working at an engineering company, once he qualified he trained as an estimator, pricing up and analysing jobs.

In 1990 he joined Graham to set up Bradfabs, with Roberts business acumen and engineering back ground the duo were an unstoppable team.

Robert works mainly on quoting work and managing the team of fabricators. Outside of the office Robert spends his time plodding round Europe on his motorbike and last but not least racing his off road car...

Rhianwen Ibbotson - Admin

Rhianwen has recently joined our workforce, she has a positive outlook on life and a lovely sunny disposition.  She makes a wonderful cup of tea.

Outside of work she has a young baby who rules the roost .........