ce approved steel fabrication company legal requirement since 2014

** CE Approved Steel Fabrication Company ** Legal Requirement since 2014

We have decided to set up this page as an information base for new and existing customers about CE Marking and what it all means.

BS1090 CE marking was a law passed in 2014 applying to all structural steel fabrication works (including balconies, staircases, canopies, fire escapes, balustrade) meaning any company or person making products in steel MUST comply to.

The reason behind the law being passed was down to a steel framed building in Germany partially collapsed due to poor welding. The standard covers every aspect of the steel product from the design through to manufacture.

Each and every job must pass a 3rd party structural engineer design, every welder must be tested, machines calibrated, traceability on materials and welds recorded and a declaration of Conformance Certificate issued. Third party weld inspections and an annual audit by a consultant.

Bradfabs have invested in excess of £150,000 ensuring continued compliance.

Any person or company manufacturing structural steel products that full under of the following categories MUST conform and to order a product from one of these non conforming companies could result in the product failing or getting condemned by building control. This includes architectural metalwork including Balconies, balustrade, staircases, canopies.

There are many misconceptions that only steel structured buildings need this certification but it simply isn't true and there is a comprehensive scope of the standard within this category.

Here is a link to a consultant who offers the service but also explains in depth what it all means as there is very little clear guidance on any government websites:


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