straight staircase off balcony giving garden access

Straight 38

Bradfabs has worked a lot over the last 5 years in London and this is a typical example of the kind of product we have been making.

Working within the usual constraints of city areas such as serious access restriction, parking, limited space for installation, close neighbours -  Bradfabs successfully designed and installed a high quality product.

The customer opted for a grey colour to match her window frames and to comply with planning she had to have privacy screen to one side.

The staircase matched the balcony and led down to a typical central London garden area.

The personal extra touch Bradfabs added was a bespoke made child safety gate to match the balcony to prevent her children falling down, many purchased ones would ruin the overall look of the balcony so we manufactured one to match.

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Approximate Cost: POA

Estimated Time Lead: 4 - 6 weeks


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