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Bradfabs were approached by an architect within Bradford Council as they were struggling to find a local supplier who had the capacity, financial stability and more importantly the skills to design and manufacture a large feature staircase for the new library setting at Centenary Square, Bradford.

Bradfabs were successful in receiving the order for the staircase and set to work in visiting the site and reviewing the drawings provided by the architect. The main factor was the staircase had to be ready for the opening of the new library setting in 8 weeks time!

The high specification of the staircase included 19mm Toughened Laminate Glass (Safety Precaution for users of the library) hand polished Grade 304 Stainless Steel Glass mounted handrailing, the actual staircase was made using powder coated mild steel and the treads  were steel trays filled with concrete screeding and then covered in vinyl.

The overall effect of the high specification of the staircase is ultra modern and extremely high quality and fits in well with the aesthetic feel of the new library.

The installation of the staircase went well with no major obstacles and more importantly it went in on time for the opening!

The staircase is just typical of the high quality, complex items we can manufacture on time and within budget this is why Bradfabs is known as the local staircase expert!

A note from the architect at the council :

Hi Vicki,

We are all very happy with the service we received from Bradfabs.  I will certainly be recommending Bradfabs to the rest of Architectural services. 

I will pass this email on to the relevant officers to get Bradfabs registered with Bradford Council.

Thank you.

Kind regards,


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Approximate Cost: £

Estimated Time Lead: 8-10 Weeks


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