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This particular customer contacted Bradfabs requesting a Balcony that doesn't have any vertical legs down as this would interfere with the patio area below.

There are 2 options when considering balcony installations, the balcony either needs to be supported by vertical legs going down in to the ground or be supported steelwork running inside the building.

The method of securing the balcony to the steelwork is easy to do on a new build but when the house has already been built it can often be quite costly to get a builder to expose the steelwork and then it also needs to be running in the right direction.

As an alternative option for this customer we designed this balcony with braces (supporting angles underneath the balcony) but also arms running horizontally from the corners of the balcony up to the wall face, this gave the balcony sufficient support so that vertical leg posts were not necessary.

In addition this the customer requested a glass floor, again this was to prevent loss of light to the room below. Bradfabs can offer structural glass floor but this can sometimes result in a slight increase of costs as the glass has to be supplied at 33mm thickness to ensure safety.

The base of the balcony was powder coated to match the existing paintwork at the property.

The customer can now continue to enjoy their balcony throughout the summer !

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Approximate Cost: £

Estimated Time Lead: 6-8 Weeks


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