What exactly are balustrades?

What exactly are balustrades?

If you want your home to make a grand statement, a high quality balustrade can really add to the wow factor for guests to your home.

Balustrades are an excellent design and safety feature that you should consider when it comes to your balcony or staircase.
Safety should always be what you think of first and foremost. Glass balustrades prevent people from falling off of balconies and staircases. They are clearly particularly useful if you have small children and pets around. 
Bradfabs manufactures thick and toughened balustrades that will withstand the rigours of time, no matter what the demands of your home throw at them.

What are the benefits of balustrades?

Aside from the obvious safety element, balustrades can help extra light permeate your property, creating a lighter feel to your home environment.
This is particularly useful for staircases, which are regularly in darker areas of the house. A balustrade allows more light to enter where your staircase is, meaning you can see what you are doing better, and it makes your property look bigger, which can help when it comes to resale value.
A high quality balustrade can really showcase your style and will always impress any of your guests that have an interior design eye.
When it comes to your balcony, a balustrade will not spoil your view either - you can enjoy the natural beauties that the countryside has to offer from the comfort of your own balcony.
And they are incredibly easy to maintain. Just a quick wipe now and again will keep them looking fresh - just remember to avoid smudges!

Are there any cons?

As with any product of quality, you must ensure that you are happy with the price you pay for a high standard of balustrade.
Some of our competitors may be cheaper, but with Bradfabs we can guarantee that you will enjoy the quality and durability of what you pay for. 
Glass balustrades often lead to less privacy, but if you are out on your balcony, how much privacy do you really need anyway?
A high quality balustrade can really transform the way your home looks and keep your little ones and pets safe. If you can afford it, there really isn’t much of a downside to them.

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