Steel Staircases ? Not Just For The Office

Steel Staircases ? Not Just For The Office

In the past, steel staircases were seen as a purely functional design for office environments. However, today they can be adapted to create a more homely feel and are being used increasingly in domestic settings. There is a great range of design possibilities with steel and they can be paired with a variety of other materials.

Benefits of Steel

When most people look at designing a new staircase for their home, they automatically think of wood. Images of steel stairs often conjure up clinical settings and practical installations that are designed for extremely heavy usage. However, steel has a number of benefits over wood.

Steel stairs are not as heavy or cumbersome-looking as wood. They can be used within different design styles and work well with a diverse selection of materials, such as glass balustrades. The type of material the steel stairs are combined with will affect the look and style of the finished set. For a modern approach, you can use solid oak or walnut treads for a sleek and stylish contemporary look.

You can achieve a high-quality finish with steel and, unlike timber, it is a low-maintenance installation. Steel is not affected by significant changes in temperature and there is no requirement for sealing, varnishing or painting, except on any wooden treads that are fitted. Steel is extremely strong and durable and is less likely to be damaged, warped or dented.

Steel is an extremely versatile material and Halifax fabricators can cut it into different sizes and shapes. Once the design is approved, steel is far easier to work with than timber. It can be easily used to create straight staircases and shaped for spiral installations.

Why Choose a Bespoke Staircase?

There are many options to choose from when designing a new staircase. Choosing to use a specialist company such as the Halifax fabricators at Bradfabs means that you'll get the exact staircase you're dreaming of, There's no need to make any design compromises, unless there is a space or structural issue. The fabricators will work closely with you and utilise your ideas to create a staircase that fits into the available space and is visually stunning.

If you want to install a staircase that is not only a focal point, but also durable and practical, a steel staircase could be the right option. A custom-designed set ensures you receive exactly what you're looking for.