Canopy Compliance

Canopy Compliance

Smoke-free legislation came into force in 2007 as part of the Health Act 2006. Since then, public buildings have needed to take into account the requirements for outdoor smoking facilities and shelters. How can you ensure that your canopy from Bradford fabricators meets the guidelines laid out in the legislation?

What Does the Smoke-Free Legislation Mean?

The implementation of this legislation forced public places, including offices, retail outlets and transport facilities, to become completely smoke-free within both enclosed and substantially enclosed areas. This in effect relegated smoking to being an outdoor activity in all but private homes. The aim of the legislation was to prevent innocent people from being exposed to the effects of passive smoking.

How Can You Comply with the Legislation?

If your business wants to erect a new canopy to provide a smoking shelter, then you need to ensure that it complies with the legislation. Doing so in the early stages will save you both resources and money in the long run.

A substantially enclosed shelter is deemed as one that has a roof and where the total area of the openings is less than half the area of the walls. This is why canopies are regularly used as smoking shelters. They are generally left open on at least three sides, apart from any necessary support posts, meaning they fall within the requirements.

The positioning of the shelter, as well as the actual physical construction, could have an impact on whether it's approved. By erecting the canopy too close to walls, you could make it more of an enclosed shelter, which would then breach the rules. If you're in any doubt as to the legality of your particular shelter or canopy, then it's best to seek advice from an independent source. You should do so before applying for any necessary planning permission or beginning construction.

Canopies for Smoking Shelters

Canopies are a cost-effective method of providing a smoking shelter for visitors, customers or employees. You can utilise any type of canopy as a shelter, depending on your available space and any existing buildings that you want the design to co-ordinate with.

Wall-mounted and cantilevered canopies are an excellent option for fitting on the side of a building. This would need to be situated away from the main entrance and be separate from the covered walkway used to access the building. These canopies limit the requirements for additional posts or other structural supports that could take up space.

Steel canopies from Bradfabs, the Bradford fabricators, are extremely durable and designed to be a permanent structure within your grounds. All the canopies are built to withstand strong winds and heavy rain, as well as providing shelter from the elements for those who use the canopy.

Having your canopy custom-built ensures that you receive exactly what you require. There's no need to compromise on the design or quality of the product ? at Bradfabs we work closely with all our customers to achieve the perfect finish.