What You Should Consider When Building a Canopy

What You Should Consider When Building a Canopy

Whether you're considering a canopy for your office, school, restaurant, retail complex or any other type of building, it's important to consider a number of elements before starting work. This will ensure that you are satisfied with the finished design and construction and that it meets the needs of the business.

Choosing a Canopy Supplier

This is just as critical as choosing the type of canopy you'd like. A professional company can make all the difference in the planning and construction process, providing you with peace of mind that the canopy will be completed on time and to a high standard of quality and safety. There are a number of different companies offering canopy services, including Yorkshire fabricators Bradfabs, providing a wide range of products.

In order to achieve a canopy that fits into the available space and complements the existing building design, it's beneficial to choose a supplier who can provide a bespoke service. They will attend the site to take detailed measurements and ensure the structure fits correctly and that there are no issues.

For school and other educational establishments, it's vital to verify that the company's installers are CRB-checked. This will ensure the safety of children while the construction team are on site.

What Protection Do You Require?

The cost of canopies can vary considerably, depending on what type of material they're constructed from. It is worth spending that bit extra to achieve a structure that is durable and will withstand extreme weather conditions, including heavy winds, snow and rain. The benefits of canopies are that they can be used year round to provide protection for students, employees or visitors, so it's important that they can be accessed in all weathers.

A steel canopy, such as those provided by Yorkshire fabricators, will be durable and last for many years. The roof of a canopy is usually manufactured from composite polycarbonate, which is considerably lighter and safer than glass.

Do You Require Planning Permission?

It is important to check on the need for planning permission with your local planning office before work commences. The regulations will vary between different areas, as there are no concrete rules on the need for planning permission. The planning department will take into consideration things such as the size of the canopy, how it's fitted to the building and the impact on neighbouring buildings when coming to their decision.

What Type of Ground Will the Canopy Be Built On?

There are very few restrictions on the type of ground that a canopy can be built on and most surfaces will be suitable. It's not necessary for the area to be paved if this isn't appropriate, and surfaces such as grass and decking are suitable as well. When you start working with your canopy supplier, you should make them aware of the type of ground you'd like it to be built on. They can then take this into consideration when planning the design and structural elements.

Yorkshire fabricators Bradfabs are experienced in supplying bespoke canopy designs to companies across the country.