Discover the Joys of Increased Outdoor Space

Discover the Joys of Increased Outdoor Space

With outdoor space at a premium, especially in city centres, having a property with a balcony can be a great bonus. It doesn't matter how much space you have on the ground, a balcony can still provide you with that all important garden or decking area.

Balconies were once reserved for luxury properties and were seen as a status symbol that only the well-off could afford. However, they've now become a much more achievable addition to a property. A quality and durable balcony will still have a significant cost, but it can add value to the property and if manufactured and installed correctly will last for years.

More Space
City living has become increasingly popular in recent years, but this comes at a price. Residents can benefit from an exciting array of facilities and amenities right on their doorstep, but they often have to give up on their dream of a garden. By adding a balcony to the property, there no longer needs to be a compromise. A quality balcony can provide exactly the same features as a compact garden. Plants and trees can be added to bring some colour to the area, and they can be used for sitting, cooking and dining.

Having a great view from a balcony is a bonus, but even if the aim is just to increase the available living space they still have benefits. Balconies can be used all year round, for entertaining in the summer to providing vital storage space in the winter. 

Manufacturing Balconies
Creating an attractive and durable balcony is not a simple process, but finding the right supplier can make all the difference. A bespoke balcony, such as those manufactured by Halifax fabricators Bradfabs, is the best option. This allows you to make full use of the available space and choose a design that fits in with the style of the building. 

Balconies can be constructed using steel supports or a floating effect can be created by building into the property's steelwork. Depending on the positioning of the balcony, it's possible to have a curved structure so it will fit round two sides of a property. A combination of materials can be used to complete the balcony, including balustrades and handrails made from timber or toughened laminated safety glass.

At Bradfabs we create bespoke balconies for a range of properties. We work closely with customers to create a structure and design that works for them.