Staircase Designs

Staircase Designs

What Types of Staircase Designs Are Available?

Commissioning a new staircase for your property from Yorkshire fabricators isn't just as simple as asking them to install some stairs. There are different types available and the choice you make might be determined by the space available and your budget. They can all be adapted to create a unique feature for your home. However, they all start out as three basic models.

The Straight Staircase

This is probably the simplest type of staircase and one that everyone is familiar with. If there is room to take a flight of stairs then this is usually the preferred method, especially if the work is to replace a straight staircase. It can either be attached to the wall on one side and have a balustrade on the other, or the stairs can be set away from the wall and use balustrades on both edges.

Even with a simple straight staircase, you can still create something different and special. By adapting the type of materials you use for the handrails, balustrades and steps you can design a staircase that fits in with your property and stands out from what your neighbours and friends have. You can use a range of different materials within the stairs, including steel, timber and glass.

A modern version of the straight staircase is a floating design, where it appears that there is nothing holding the steps up. In actual fact, the steps are attached to the wall through pieces of steel which are plastered over so they become invisible.

A Spiral Staircase

This might seem a complicated design, but spiral staircases are actually one of the cheapest options. They're also beneficial for buildings where there is little space available, as they can be accommodated in even the smallest of areas. The stairs are fitted around a central pole with a handrail on one side.

Due to the nature of spiral stairs, they can be made into the focal point of a room. They're often used within contemporary properties and duplex apartments, both for their style features and space-saving attributes.

Helical Stairs

These are one of the most complex forms of staircase and, as such, incur a larger price tag than the other options. However, if you can afford one they will really make a statement, whether in a home or office environment. The curved appearance of the stairs creates a dramatic effect. For an even greater impact, two helical staircases can be used together to create a double helix.

Creating Your Own Staircase

There are so many different options available to you when choosing the type of stairs to have fitted in your property. Once you've selected the basic steel structure from the Yorkshire fabricators Bradfabs, you can specify the materials you want to use for the other sections of the stairs. Whether you want to create a modern finish or you're looking for something with more of a traditional feel, the only real limit on the design is your imagination ? though maybe levitating stairs is taking it a bit too far.