More Than Just A Staircase

More Than Just A Staircase

The majority of people see a staircase as simply a means of getting from one floor to another. This is the main reason why stairs are designed in the first place by fabricators such as Bradfabs. However, some designers are thinking a bit wider when they plan new layouts and are incorporating alternative uses, including gardens and slides.

A Staircase with Many Uses
When you think of a set of stairs, you don't automatically consider adding a garden to the structure, but that's exactly what British designer Paul Cooksedge has done. He has created a living staircase design that incorporates a fully functioning garden within the balustrades.

This staircase is the focal point of an office and residential development in Soho in London. The spiral stairs feature a garden along the full length of the balustrades which is tended to by the residents and occupants of the building.

As well as the garden angle, Cooksedge has created a social angle to the stairs where people can pause and congregate, rather than rushing from one place to another. There are a number of balconies fitted along the route of the staircase which have been designed as areas for people to meet. Each one is linked to a specific activity, such as reading or drawing, encouraging more social interaction within a building where many people don't converse with one another.

Rather than just being a staircase that is used as a means of getting to upper floors, there are a number of separate rooms. Visitors can stop if they want to and take time just to think, as well as moving around the building.

Putting the Fun into Stairs
Nobody ever said that staircases couldn't be fun and certain designers have taken this to new limits by incorporating a slide into their designs. London architect Alex Michaelis fitted one into his own house and it's not just designed for the children. Adults can also have some fun and reach the bottom in record time.

Another staircase and slide combination was constructed by Rodney Miller. His design was built as a corkscrew style around a spiral staircase. It features a 13ft drop and is more than 16ft high.

These ideas are rather extreme for the average office or home. However, they show you just what can be achieved with a little bit of imagination and a supplier who can provide you with a bespoke service.