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Item 21

This is the second fire escape at this location in London, the customer returned to us as a trusted sub contractor.

The job involved removing the old unsafe fire escape and installing the new one.

Attention to detail on this job was very critical due to the location of the staircase, it was wedged between 2 tall buildings therefore restricting how we erected it.

The removal of the old and installation of new took over 5 days and unfortunately in very poor weather conditions!

The staircase was manufactured using galvanized (permanent weather proofing) mild steel, galvanized and powder coated black.

The staircase features 3 floors, 6 flights and individually sized landing areas. The material used on the staircase is chequer plate which is safer to walk on as there is less chance of slipping.

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Approximate Cost: POA

Estimated Time Lead: 4-6 weeks


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