The Benefits of Installing a Balcony

The Benefits of Installing a Balcony

There are many advantages to be gained from installing a bespoke balcony from Bradfabs. 

Firstly, a well-constructed balcony can be a beautiful addition to your home, adding to the aesthetic appearance and increasing the value and desirability of your property. 

At Bradfabs we have over 25 years’ experience in the manufacture and installation of bespoke balconies, and our team can ensure that the balcony enhances the appearance of your property. A balcony can give you valuable additional space for a minimal outlay. Here at Bradfabs, we take pride in supplying top class, bespoke balconies at a very competitive price. 

A balcony can provide you with a perfect place to enjoy being outdoors if you lack garden space, and can even be used as a space to grow flowers, fruit and vegetables. A secure balcony can even provide a safe space for pets to enjoy some time outdoors.

As all our balconies are individually designed and manufactured to order, you can rest assured that your Bradfabs balcony will be made from the very best quality materials by highly-skilled workmen. 

If you opt for a Juliet balcony from Bradfabs, this may not give you any extra outside space. Coupled with full height French Windows, a Juliet balcony can flood your living space with natural light - helping to bring the outdoors feel indoors. It can also help cool your home in a heatwave.

At Bradfabs, we manufacture a range of balcony types or sizes,  and we can even supply minimalist balconies with no vertical steelwork for an uninterrupted view. We use a specialised channel system to produce a balcony which is ideal if a minimalist style is required. 

Whatever type of balcony you require, contact Bradfabs on  01274 400 401 or email us at and we will be happy to help. We are happy to undertake individual projects for domestic customers as well as multiple orders for businesses.