The Benefits of a Juliet Balconette

The Benefits of a Juliet Balconette

Juliet balconettes are a great way of letting light and air into a property, offering a practical solution for a homeowner that wants the benefits of a balcony, without the associated costs and structural alterations.

Bradfabs offers an extensive range of railing and balustrade juliet balconettes. For those seeking a simple, sleek design with a completely unobstructed view, however, a glass-only juliet balconette might be just the ticket…

In this article, we look at some of the features of glass-only juliet balconettes. 

An Unobstructed View
Make the most of your surroundings with a frameless juliet balconette. A frameless juliet is exactly that: it has no posts or railings. The result, shown here, is a completely unobstructed view - the perfect bridge between your home and your surroundings.

Safety First
Combining steel support with quality reinforced glass, a glass-only juliet balconette is both safe and unobtrusive. 

A glass only juliet is, however, only possible in certain situations - the opening must be no wider than approx 1700mm, otherwise the panes of glass are too wide and heavy. A member of the Bradfabs team will be able to advise whether a glass only juliet is appropriate for your property.

Simple is Beautiful
As well as being elegant and unobtrusive, a glass-only juliet balconette is straightforward to install. Simply fit the supports on either side of the window, and then slide the glass into place. It’s that easy! 

Let in the Light
A custom-made, glass only balconette from Bradfabs will enhance the appearance of your property - unobtrusive, and in-keeping with the aesthetics of the property. What’s more, a glass only balconette will maximise light - perfect if your property is shaded by trees or surrounding buildings.  

A little more space?
If you can accommodate a larger balcony, consider an infinity glass channel system - no vertical steelwork, no fixings, and a completely unobstructed view from your property.

Bradfabs offers quality, custom-made glass only balconettes, as well as framed balconettes constructed from flat bar and tubular mild and stainless steel. Contact a member of our team today to discuss your requirements.