Spiral Staircase Projects

Spiral Staircase Projects

Recent research shows that properties are smaller than ever before, with the average house size now below the low of the 1930s.

Space is undoubtedly at a premium, and, increasingly, property owners are seeking innovative solutions to maximise space within their properties.

Offering a space-saving solution, which can be adapted to suit the requirements of a property, spiral staircases represent a popular choice for many homeowners.

In this article, we take you through some of Bradfabs’ recent spiral staircase projects.

Spiral staircases offer flexibility in terms of design, and are precisely-engineered to fit their required space - this staircase, for example, designed and installed for a residential property in West Yorkshire, incorporated decorative panels with a laser cut design. A further notable example included a floral decoration on the balusters, and featured a landing with mezzanine railings.

Spiral staircases offer an effective space-saving option for external areas. The following example, which was designed and installed for a homeowner in London, featured non-slip stair treads, handrails and a top landing extension, which lead onto a large, maintenance free eco deck-covered balcony.

Spiral staircases also represent a popular option for corporate clients. This spiral staircase was manufactured for a client in West Yorkshire, and featured a combination of mild steel and oak. Another notable example, designed and installed for a corporate client in West Yorkshire, featured a mild steel staircase, with mirror polished stainless steel balustrading. Spiral staircases can also offer a practicaly solution for fire escapes - this example featured a fire escape formed of two spiral staircases with extended landings.

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