Making the Most of Your Balcony

Making the Most of Your Balcony

In this article, the experts at Bradfabs take you through some ideas to improve your outside space, and create a beautiful balcony 

Before giving your balcony a full makeover, it is essential to check its load-bearing capacity, especially if you are planning to use large tubs or substantial pieces of furniture. 

A green oasis can be created with the addition of large shrubs or trees in pots and plants can be positioned in hanging baskets or on ladders to create the illusion of space. Hanging baskets need not cost a fortune and can be made from wicker baskets hung up with strong twine. Climbing plants can also be trained to cover unsightly walls.

If your balcony is not very large it is often best to limit the number of colours you use to avoid it looking too cluttered or fussy. Evergreen plants offer a good start as they will provide greenery all year round and you will have the option of adding seasonal plants for extra colour. You could even create a mini kitchen garden by planting herbs and soft fruits in boxes.

It is essential to choose your plants carefully, as balconies can be a challenging environment for plants. Wind tolerant plants, and plants which do not require a lot of water, can often be a good choice. Water-retaining granules or water balls which hold a reservoir of water can help your plants survive if you forget to water them.

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