How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

With increased restrictions on travel and entertainment across the UK, it’s becoming apparent that our indoor space can quickly become isolating when it’s our home, office and place of relaxation. 

Today, we want to explore how you could increase your space by moving into your gardens - extending your home and maximising interior design, comfort and versatility.


Take Indoor Comforts, Out

Lounging sofas, comfy armchairs and soft rests are the nation’s favourite when it comes to relaxing after a day’s work. So why not take them out into the sun?

Long gone are the days of plastic deck chairs and wobbly outdoor tables - stylish outdoor furnishings can extend your home design further and act as the perfect accessory for balconies.

Giving you a broad view of your spectacular surroundings, balconies allow you to enjoy the outdoors without commitment and our range of custom made steel balconies are designed to fit you and your life.


Balcony 153

Made to enjoy, customise your balcony with a detailed infinity channel glass system that draws nature in and relieves isolation stress with space that’s ‘a world away’ from your home.

‘We are very pleased with the balcony and over the moon with the improvement’ - read the full testimonial here.


Set the Mood

For a quick and inexpensive play up on your existing space, LEDs and light fittings can add warmth to your atmosphere. Additionally, they’re incredibly versatile, coming in a vast range of colours and styles and requiring little application or maintenance. Applying these to outdoor staircases, balconettes and gating can transform the late-night comfort of your property.


As resident experts in spiral and helix staircases, we can testify to the magnificent feeling of extension these features can bring to your outdoor space.  Whether decorated with the inviting glow of fairy lights or left bare to connect your property with statement, our range of steel made staircases are custom made and fitted to suit your home.

Spiral Staircase 45

‘I want to thank everyone involved in the manufacture and installation of my staircase [...] put up with a minimum of disruption and with great skill’ - read the full testimonial here.


To view the full range of services that we offer, please contact a member of our team today on 01274 400 401 and find out how we could help you redesign your space.