Curved Staircases: Versatility, Modernity, and Space

Curved Staircases: Versatility, Modernity, and Space

What accessibility and space does your staircase offer? A way to ascend upstairs and maybe somewhere to store raincoats, boots, and miscellaneous boxes underneath?

Bradfabs believe in creating better, more versatile space that increases usability without compromising on style, function, or safety. 

Today, we’d like to take a look at some of our favourite Curved Staircase projects, and how this simple yet elegant design transformed the space.

Established in 1990, Bradfabs offers 30 years experience creating bespoke designs, short product runs and large-batch products from steel for domestic and commercial clients. We’re committed to precision engineering and quality, and service clients all over Bradford and West Yorkshire.

A Closer Look
A curved, or helix, staircase is simply a staircase that takes a slight curve - without completely spiraling. This design, though simple in its visual, is quite a complex design and manufacturer - which is why Bradfabs are one of the only and leading manufacturers of bespoke helix staircases.

Requiring intelligent design and engineering to ensure complete fixture with the surrounding structures, our in-house team of well-experienced steel fabricators and engineers work with quality and care at the heart of their job.

As mentioned, curved staircases can help create space, especially in smaller, private spaces like homes. 

We also love to see these designs in commercial spaces, instantly adding the ‘wow’ factor wherever they are.


This project was completed with mild steel and powder coated decorative balustrade and timber handrails - combining the modern and the classic for a highly stylish and luxurious feel.

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