Why Should You Protect Your Lamp Posts?

Why Should You Protect Your Lamp Posts?

Lamp posts are generally an essential component of car parks, including those attached to shopping centres and office buildings. They enable drivers and pedestrians to see clearly in dark and dull conditions and help to prevent accidents occurring. However, the lamp posts themselves can also be an obstruction, so it's important to protect them against any impacts.

Benefits of Post Protectors

Installing lamp post protectors in your car park can be a cost-effective method of keeping the area clear and safe. The protectors will reduce the risk of drivers accidentally reversing or driving into the lamp post itself. This prevents cars from becoming damaged and also keeps the lamp post itself secure. If the post were to be hit by vehicles on numerous occasions, it could result in it falling over. This could cause damage to any cars in the vicinity and also lead to disruption in the car park.

The post protectors are exceptionally strong and durable, which ensures that they provide adequate protection against any collisions from vehicles of all sizes. They are made from mild steel, which can easily be formed into the appropriate design to create a sturdy structure.

Installing Post Protectors

Post protectors should ideally be fitted around each individual lamp post to ensure the car park is as safe as possible. The most secure types of lamp post protectors are those that can be concreted or bolted into the ground. This ensures that they have a solid foundation and reduces the likelihood of their becoming damaged in an impact. It also limits the number of repairs and replacements that you will have to make. Concreted versions are ideal for new sites, whereas bolted models are beneficial for retro-fitting as they require less work to be carried out.

The protectors can also be painted in most colours according to your requirements. The mild steel that is used to manufacture the protectors can be powder-coated in a range of shades or effects. This allows you to match the post protectors to your existing branding. Alternatively, you can use a bright or fluorescent colour so that they stand out clearly for drivers.

Post protectors are an efficient and cost-effective way of giving your car park a clean and professional finish. As well as looking good, they also serve a practical purpose, which keeps your parking area clear and operating smoothly without any unnecessary disruptions.