Why Should You Choose Cantilever Gates?

Why Should You Choose Cantilever Gates?

If you're looking for reliable and efficient commercial security gates, then a cantilever version can provide a number of benefits to your business. They can be customised to meet your specific requirements and provide high levels of security for your company at all times of the day.


One of the main benefits of cantilever commercial security gates is that they don't take up a large amount of space. This enables them to be installed in compact areas where there isn't the free space available for a gate to swing open.

Effective Security

When a business is looking to fit new gates on to their premises, they require a system that will offer effective protection and keep their building as secure as possible. Cantilever gates provide a durable and long-lasting solution to commercial security needs. They are manufactured from high-quality steel that has been designed to withstand the harsh elements and continue performing even under the most extreme of conditions. This ensures that your business remains fully protected, whatever the environment is like.


All businesses are not the same, and they will each have their own unique security requirements, depending on the type of industry they operate in and the location of their premises. Cantilever gates have a large number of uses and can be adapted to meet the specific needs a company has. They can be manufactured in smaller dimensions if you don't have a large opening and can be used for both pedestrian and vehicle entrances. Cantilever commercial security gates can be designed in your own style and are available in a choice of colours to fit in with your branding.

Works with Different Surfaces

If you have uneven surfaces around your business premises, it can be difficult to find a commercial gate that can be installed easily and without impacting on the smooth operation of it. Cantilever gates, however, don't require a level surface for installation. As there is no need to fit a track or carry out any groundwork, they can even be used on uneven and bumpy surfaces.

Additional Features

You can enhance your security measures further by adding in extra features to the design of your cantilever gates. This could include a multipoint lock to secure the gates when the business is closed. They can also work with manned security gates as well as access control systems such as key entry pads and intercom units.

Low Maintenance

Within a business there are already a large number of maintenance requirements, so it's important that your security gates don't increase this too much. Cantilever gates are particularly low-maintenance, and they provide reliability. This ensures the smooth running of your business without any unnecessary interruptions from security gates that break down.

With this diverse range of benefits, it is clear why cantilever security gates are a popular option for businesses across the country. They are quick and easy to install, fit into small and large spaces and provide effective security throughout the year.