Why Should You Choose a Bespoke Staircase?

Why Should You Choose a Bespoke Staircase?

When homeowners hear that something is bespoke, they will generally presume that it is too expensive and out of their reach, but having an item made specifically for your property isn't just reserved for the elite.

Opting to have bespoke stairs designed and installed allows you to have a set that precisely fits the available space and gives you full control over the style and design.

Bespoke Is Affordable

Instead of just being for wealthy homeowners, choosing a bespoke set of stairs can be a cost-effective option and it ensures you get exactly what you need. For instance, if you only have a small amount of space available, you could have a spiral staircase manufactured that allows you to make the most of the area and fit more into the property.

Your supplier can work with you to produce a staircase that meets both your financial and design requirements, so you can still achieve a unique finish within the budget that you've allocated.

Create Something Unique

The biggest appeal for homeowners with bespoke stairs is the ability to create a feature that is completely unique and sets the property apart from similar ones in the neighbourhood. The design and installation company that you choose can use the existing style of the property to construct a staircase that fits in with this and complements the look. For example, a modern set of stairs would look out of place in a period home, which would suit a more elegant and decorative look.

What to Think About

If you're planning to get a set of bespoke stairs, there are a number of elements that you need to factor in beforehand to ensure that you achieve the right look.

As well as deciding on the budget and the supplier you'll use, you need to consider the visual element and what you want to achieve from the staircase, such as maximising the space or natural light. Look around your property for some inspiration, or use property websites and magazines to get some creative ideas and use these to help the design team understand what you're looking for.

Staircases can leave a lot of empty space, regardless of the actual design that you choose, but you might be able to put this to better use by creating practical storage solutions without detracting from the finished style.

It's also important to consider the logistical and safety elements of having the stairs fitted and the practical aspects of the installation process. These should take into account how the stairs are used on a daily basis and any improvements that can be made to the current style or positioning of them, as this is the perfect opportunity to make those changes that you've always dreamed about.

A bespoke staircase will become a feature of your property, creating a talking point for visitors, without its needing to come in over your expected budget. With a professionally designed and installed staircase, you will have a high-quality structure that will last for many years.