Why Choose Metal to Create the Perfect Spiral Staircase?

Why Choose Metal to Create the Perfect Spiral Staircase?

Spiral staircases can be a beautiful addition to any environment. Metal has many advantages when it comes to designing and constructing a spiral staircase. Whether you’re installing one in a home or within a commercial building, you can make a unique and long-lasting metal spiral staircase.

A Universal Option

Metal looks just as good in a residential setting as it does in an office environment. Depending on which materials you combine the metal with and the type of design and style you use, metal staircases can be made to look warm and homely as well as having a functional and practical approach.

Internal or External

Metal staircases are a great choice for use both outside and indoors. Their low-maintenance qualities and resistance to damp mean they can be used as external stairs without impacting on their strength or durability. Metal spiral stairs will look stylish when used as an exterior staircase or can become a focal point when installed inside.

Low Maintenance

Whatever the setting for the stairs, nobody wants to be spending large amounts of time maintaining them once they’re installed. A metal spiral staircase won’t require treating for rot or weather-proofing if used externally. The metal is resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, ensuring it lasts for a long time. There is no need to paint, seal or varnish the stairs to keep their appearance pristine, and a simple clean will maintain their condition.

Create a Range of Styles and Designs

With metal staircases it’s easy to create a bespoke design, meaning you won’t have the same set as your next-door neighbour or a competing business. The beauty of metal is that it is extremely flexible and can be used to create both contemporary and traditional styles. There are endless possibilities when designing metal staircases, and you can truly be as decorative or as simple as you want. This not only applies to the main staircase structure, but also to the style of the balustrades.

Easy to Install

It’s often assumed that installing a new staircase will be a time-consuming and expensive project. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Even though metal can be a more expensive material than wood to manufacture, the actual installation process for a metal spiral staircase is more cost-effective. The flexibility of the material will make installation much quicker and easier, reducing the costs.


One of the major benefits when choosing metal for your spiral staircase is the durability it has. The staircase will be designed to last for many years, without losing any of its strength. This is an extremely resilient material that is very hard to damage, making it an excellent choice in high-traffic areas.

Combine Materials

Although you may have opted to use metal for your spiral staircase, you can also bring in other types of materials. Metal works really well with other options, such as glass and wood, to create a bespoke look for your staircase.