What You Should Love About Your New Home?

What You Should Love About Your New Home?

Often we are told to concentrate on what our head is saying when it comes to buying a property, but there are times when we should let our heart rule if we want to find the ideal home.


With any property there will always be positives and negatives, but there are some elements of your new home you should really love if this is going to be the house you've always dreamed about. To help you decide on which property is right for you, we've put together five areas that you need to fall in love with straight away.


The Amount of Natural Light

It's important to focus on the parts of a house that you can't really alter, and the degree of natural light is one of these. When you return to view a property for a second or third time, make sure you go at different times so that you can see which rooms are the lightest and look at ways you can improve this if necessary. For instance, painting rooms a lighter colour can help, or installing full-length windows will draw in more light.


The Outside Space

Homeowners who enjoy spending time in the garden will need to fall in love with the outside area. South-facing gardens are what everyone dreams of, but even if this is not the case you can still make the space work for you. If the garden is quite enclosed or on different levels, you could think about adding in a balcony and a staircase with exterior handrails that leads to bring more sun into the space.


A Great View

Plenty of us dream of living in a house with an amazing view that looks out across open countryside, a lake or the coast, and for some this can become a reality. You can make the most of this view if the property has a balcony and exterior handrails, and this would make an ideal location for relaxing or entertaining. It's important to check if this view is likely to change, and a search of local planning applications will highlight if any development work is planned.


The Right Location

Even if a property has all of the above elements, it still might not be exactly right for you if the location isn't spot on. You need to focus on some of the practical attributes, as well as the design components, to ensure that it can work for you. This includes the length of the commute, proximity of local schools and amenities and transport links. You also need to think about any changes in your life that could alter your priorities, such as starting a family or retiring.


Does It Have a Good Feeling?

All of the aforementioned features are important aspects of a property if you're going to enjoy living there, but sometimes you just get a feeling that you love it, and it's important to go with your instincts. If everything else feels right and it has all the aspects you're looking for, then go with what your heart is telling you.