What Will Homes of the Future Look Like?

What Will Homes of the Future Look Like?

It might be hard to imagine how high-tech our homes will be in 2030, but just think how far we have come over the past 15 years. Research that has been carried out by a number of technology experts highlights the gadgets we could be seeing in our homes in just another 15 years.

The online property portal Rightmove has put together the information with help from teams at Pocket Lint, Future Timeline and PC Pro to develop their Home of the Future.

Internet-Enabled Devices

We are already seeing a wide range of household devices that can be operated through the internet, such as heating systems. By 2030 this will have spread even further, with the possibility that even your doorbell could be linked to your smartphone via the internet to tell you who is at the door. This means that wherever you are, even if you're out of the house or relaxing outside by your glass balcony balustrades, you can interact with whoever is ringing the doorbell without having to move.

Smart Mirrors

Imagine being able to check what you look like in a range of outfits without the need to get changed into them all. You could actually do this if you had a smart mirror with a virtual wardrobe feature. It could even give you comments on your outfits and provide suggestions on how to improve the look.

No Need to Wash

Wouldn't life be far easier and less stressful if you didn't have to do the laundry every week? With the use of nanotech clothes it could make doing the washing history, as the garments will actually clean themselves. Just think about what you could achieve with all that extra free time.

Indoor Vegetables

With modern properties, outdoor space often comes at a premium, and it can be extremely hard to find the right house with the exact type of garden or balcony that you require. This can be especially important for those who enjoy gardening and growing their own fresh produce. The development of hydroponic technology could help in this area, as it would enable you to grow your own fruit and vegetables inside.

Interactive Showers

We now spend a large portion of our days checking the news or keeping up on social media. New technology could even transform your shower curtain into a display board, so you could do all this whilst you're having a morning shower.