What Type of Security Is Right for Your Home?

What Type of Security Is Right for Your Home?

We all want to ensure that our property is as secure as possible. Burglary is an ever-present threat, but the more a property looks secure, the less at risk it is of theft. If you're trying to decide whether to fit steel security gates or have an alarm installed, what type of security measures are the most suitable for your home?


Burglar alarms are one of the most effective means of preventing your property from being broken into. They are a quick and simple way of increasing security and will deter opportunist burglars, as they prefer a property that isn't alarmed. The last thing that a burglar wants to do is draw attention to themselves, and this is exactly what a working alarm will do.

Security Gates

If you have the space available to fit a security gate, this is a useful means of adding in extra protection. Solid and durable steel security gates can make it harder and slower for someone to gain access to your property. Gates that can be locked mean they would have to climb over, which won't make your house as attractive to them. Steel gates are available in a choice of decorative styles, so you can add to the aesthetic look of your property as well as boost security.

Exterior Lights

An element that burglars look for when deciding on a property to enter is whether they can get in unnoticed. They tend to look for houses where there are a lot of dark areas, as this makes it less likely that someone will see them. Exterior lights, with sensors that detect when someone is close by and turn on, are an easy way of deterring burglars.


More homeowners are now seeing the value of having a residential CCTV system fitted. This can be more costly than simply having a standard alarm, but it does allow you to see exactly who is on your property at all times. There are even systems that you can use remotely, providing you with additional peace of mind when you're away from your home.

There generally isn't just one security measure that you should use for your home. Having a combination of features will increase the level of protection you have. It also means that if one area were to fail, you'd always have a back-up so your home wouldn't become unprotected.