What Do You Look For In A Home?

What Do You Look For In A Home?

There isn?t usually one single reason why we buy a particular home, but there are areas that could put a potential buyer off a property. If you?re thinking of selling your home or buying a new one, which areas should you be focussing on?

Less of a Renovation Project

Home improvement shows might still be hugely popular, but it seems that fewer of us are inclined to take on a large-scale renovation project ourselves. Recent research from Gocompare.com shows that the majority of house buyers want a property that they can move straight into. Over 75% of those surveyed were looking for a home that requires only minimal work doing to it, and a third would only consider a new-build. Even those who want to take on a project are being more cautious about the scale of the work; fewer than 25% would want to buy a major renovation project.

The lack of any renovation or repair work is just one of the reasons why many buyers prefer new-build properties. They are also popular because of their energy-efficiency benefits. Features such as good-quality insulation, which will reduce energy bills, are important to home buyers. They are also drawn to new properties because they are a low-maintenance option.

How to Appeal to Buyers

If you?re thinking about putting your home on the market, then you need to be aware of what you?re competing with. If there are a number of new-build sites in your area, then it might be beneficial to have a look around the show homes to get some inspiration and ideas. You might not be able to match their energy-efficiency properties, but you could style your home to appeal to the widest possible market.

It?s important to consider your target market, as not all homes will appeal to every buyer. Think about what your home can offer and who this would appeal to. Whether it?s the local school, a large garden, the wrought iron balcony railings or the transport links, use them as a selling point.

You need to capture the emotions of a buyer by making the right first impression. If the exterior of a property is off-putting, then a buyer might not even go to a viewing. Remove any rubbish from outside and tidy up the garden. Repair any broken fixtures, including windows, the roof and guttering, and clean up paintwork and any iron balcony railings.

Once they go inside, buyers need to imagine living in a property. Opt for a neutral decor and open up rooms to make the most of the space. Show how areas can be used for different uses, including bedrooms and study areas.

If a buyer becomes emotionally attached to a property, they will be more inclined to put in an offer. Think about all areas of your property and view them through the eyes of a buyer to ensure you get every aspect right. A few small changes could make all the difference to the price you get for your property.