Ways to Open Up Your Property into the Garden

Ways to Open Up Your Property into the Garden



Opening up the rear of a property to give you easy access to the outside area is a fantastic way to use the space and also helps to make the room feel much bigger and brighter. Instead of simply settling for the traditional style of patio doors, here are some creative ways that you can open up your home.


Go Large

One of the main reasons property owners open up a rear extension is to maximise the amount of light that floods into the room. Instead of making the door opening bigger, you could add in a large window on the rear wall and even glaze some of the roof to make the space much lighter. You could even have the window so that it opens up, with steps and steel handrails down into the garden.


Add in More Doors

If you have a wide back wall, you don't have to stop at just one set of doors, and by installing additional access points you'll get considerably more natural light coming into the room and really feel like you're letting the outside in.


Give Yourself More Space

When you use a whole wall for floor-to-ceiling doors, it can restrict the amount of space that you have on the inside, which can be a particular issue if the garden is accessed through a rear kitchen extension. An alternative would be to use part of the back wall for doors and have units fitted along the rest, which would allow you to make more of the view and give you additional storage space.


Create a Dining Feature

Designing an al fresco dining area is a fantastic way of making more use of the space directly outside your property, and it works especially well if you're coming out of the kitchen-dining area. Where possible, make the most of any view, such as by having a balcony with glass balustrades that can be accessed from outside as well using a staircase fitted with steel handrails.


Use the Right Features

However you choose to open up the back of your property, it's important to ensure that the style is in keeping with the rest of your home. For example, Crittall style doors are becoming increasingly popular and can add a real bit of character to 1920s and 1930s homes, but they also suit Victorian era properties.