Turning Unusual Buildings into Beautiful Homes

Turning Unusual Buildings into Beautiful Homes

If you can't find your dream home the conventional way, then it might be an idea to consider buying a renovation project and converting it into the perfect home for you and your family. With demand for residential properties continuing to increase, more homeowners are looking at slightly unusual buildings to renovate, such as churches, schools, barns and prisons.

This is a trend that is spreading across the country and is unlikely to diminish anytime soon. Recently, the government announced that it was selling 12 sites owned by the Ministry of Defence to provide space for 15,000 new properties. Battersea Power Station in London is currently undergoing a conversion into a new residential development, and York's Terry's Chocolate Factory is also being renovated into apartments.


Churches are packed with unique features and have bags of character, with some amazing internal spaces that can be converted into stunning homes. With so many churches built during the Victorian era, there are plenty of buildings that are now unused and are ideal for conversion projects.

With a church renovation you will generally have to maintain the exterior look of the building to meet planning regulations, but this still leaves you plenty of scope inside to unleash your creative flair. The height of churches means that it's often possible to install a mezzanine level, accessed by an intricate staircase created by a company such as Halifax fabricators, and the stained-glass windows add uniqueness to the property.


Another option for renovating an old building is to consider disused schools, giving you the ability to create an amazing family home using the different layouts provided by these properties. Old schools generally have great open-plan spaces that are ideal for renovating, with a large hall to offer a fantastic family living space.

The locations of schools are usually ideal, being right at the heart of a village with easy access to amenities, and you could look at having a balcony installed by Halifax fabricators to take advantage of the views.


If you're considering building a really unique home, then renovating an old prison can offer you something completely different. The government is in the process of closing the Victorian prisons, especially those in London, that don't meet modern requirements, and these will become available for residential projects. They provide the space for you to create a bespoke layout that works for your needs.


Barn conversions first became popular many years ago and were one of the first types of non-residential buildings to be seen as viable to convert into family homes. They have large open-plan spaces that can easily be converted into modern homes, with airy living areas all on one floor. These buildings generally have a fantastic outdoor space and are situated in beautiful locations. They are seen as an ideal route for those who want to build their own home in the country, where it is often hard to get planning permission for new properties.