Top Tips When Buying a Period Property

Top Tips When Buying a Period Property

Many of us dream about owning a beautiful period property, whether in the country or within a town setting, and for some of us this can often become a reality. Living in one of these properties can appear charming and idyllic from the outside, but often there can be hidden problems associated with them. Before you commit to buying your dream home, you should spend time considering the responsibilities that come with such a purchase.

Is the Building Listed?

Not all period homes are listed, but it's vital that you're aware of the status of the property you're considering. If it is listed, you'll need to get consent to carry out any work, such as renovating metal spiral staircases or fitting new windows and doors. You also need to be aware of any changes made by the previous owners, as you will still be liable for the cost if they weren't properly authorised in the first place.

Is the Property Right for You?

Don't just choose a property based on how it looks without thinking about whether it suits your requirements. A property that needs a lot of alterations to meet your needs could cause a range of issues, particularly if it's listed. A period home will have unique characteristics, and these need to be part of the appeal and incorporated into your decision - you probably won't be able to remove them.

Think of the Maintenance Costs

It's important to keep up with the maintenance needs of a period home, and these will be more extensive than with a modern building. When you're viewing properties, make sure that you check the current condition thoroughly so that you know what you're getting into. This should include moisture issues, as damp can be a big problem with period homes, and the condition of the roof, drains and gutters. One of the costs you'll need to factor in is the specialist insurance that you'll require, as otherwise you could find you don't have the right level of cover when you come to make a claim.

Replace Only When Necessary

Having a regular maintenance schedule will cut down the number and cost of repairs that are required by reducing the deterioration of the fixtures and fittings. When elements do need replacing, such as metal spiral staircases, you will need to look for specialist suppliers and bespoke products, as ready-made fixtures will probably not be acceptable.

Get Specialist Advice

Purchasing a period home, whether or not it's a listed building, is a big commitment, and it's essential that you understand all the pros and cons before you go ahead with the transaction. Going into the deal with open eyes and understanding all the important factors will ensure that you make the right decision for your family. One of the crucial elements of the buying process will be getting the right type of survey done. This should be conducted by a building surveyor with experience of period homes so that you know that you're getting the appropriate advice.