Top Tips to Ensure Your House Is Ready for Sale

Top Tips to Ensure Your House Is Ready for Sale

Putting your house on the market and starting the selling process can be a very stressful time, but ensuring your house is in the best condition can help to get it noticed and speed up the sale. Here we have some top tips on how you can get your home positioned well and ensure that buyers are queuing up to view.

Know Your Market

Before you make any changes to your property, you need to understand who might buy it, such as a first-time buyer or a family. This will enable you to carry out the right adjustments and ensure it appeals to as wide a market as possible.

Give It a Fresh Look

Getting your property ready to sell doesn't have to mean spending a lot of money, and even cheap and cheerful changes can make a big difference. For instance, you could touch up rooms with a neutral colour, add new handles or doors to your kitchen cupboards or give glass staircases a thorough clean.

Make It Clutter-Free

Don't leave the tidying up and clearing out until you are ready to move, as a house that is clutter-free and de-personalised will appeal to more potential buyers. It's a good idea to hide away anything that you don't really need, tidy up personal items and have a good clear-out in the bedrooms.

Remember the Garden

A neat and tidy garden can be a big draw for buyers, especially if it looks easy to maintain. This is an ideal opportunity to showcase your garden as a perfect family space or a location for entertaining, so spend some time removing the weeds, cutting the grass and having a general tidy-up.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Before every viewing you need to give your home a good clean, including all the areas that you usually neglect - it's amazing where potential buyers will look. Cover off the main areas, such as the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and hallway, and then look at all the details, including glass staircases, mirrors, cupboard doors and bookcases, which you might be used to simply glossing over.

Choose Your Estate Agent Wisely

Once your property is ready for sale, it's important to be cautious when selecting an estate agent to use, as some will be more effective than others - don't just opt for the one with the lowest commission or the highest valuation. Have a look at properties for sale near to you, and see which agents they are with and how quickly they tend to sell. Speak to them about where they will be marketing your property, ensure they have a good understanding of the local market and try not to get tied in to lengthy contract periods.

There's no magic formula to selling a house, and some will sell relatively quickly whilst others might take considerably longer. However, if your property is in a good condition and you spend time marketing it correctly, these things will certainly help to attract the right buyer.