Top Tips for Successful Renovating

Top Tips for Successful Renovating

Renovating a property can be a fulfilling and profitable project if it's approached in the right way. Thinking about the property and the type of work that needs doing can help you make the most of it and increase the asking price.

Spend Time Planning

However much work needs doing on a property, it's important not to rush into a project. You can add more value by finding the right property and carrying out the work accurately. There's no point spending money on installing a new kitchen if a downstairs extension would be more suitable. Those houses that are particularly rundown can offer the most advantages, but for amateur renovators it's important to assess the risks as well. Turning an old-fashioned and dilapidated bungalow into a smart and contemporary family home can be worthwhile, but there's also a substantial amount of work involved.

Get Professional Help

It's unlikely that you'll be able to do all the work yourself, so you'll need a good network of professionals. They can provide help on a range of projects, from extensions and loft conversions to balcony design and kitchen installation. Make sure that you choose the right companies by researching them thoroughly and getting a few quotes for each project. Before they start, ask for a contract and don't pay everything upfront ? otherwise you'll have less leeway if a problem arises. Keep an eye on the tradesmen, especially in terms of timing and the quality of their work.

Build Upwards

Having a loft converted is one of the easiest ways of gaining an additional bedroom in a property. If the space allows, this could transform your property and open it up to a wider market. However, there are certain areas you need to consider first to ensure it's suitable for your renovation project. Make sure you look at the access requirements to ensure that there's enough space to fit in a suitable staircase. You'll also need to think about the height of the finished room. A buyer will need to be able to stand in the loft and move around comfortably.

Consider the Buyer

It's vital with a renovation project that you don't get too carried away, especially when it comes to the interior decoration. You should choose colours and a design scheme that is easy to work with. Avoid using extremely vibrant colours, as it will be difficult for a buyer to match these with their current furniture. With a balcony design, it's best to use a practical and timeless style that goes with the property rather than being too elaborate and ornate. Generally, buyers want to move straight into a property ? especially one that has been recently renovated. If they need to redecorate, this could reduce the price they offer to pay.

Be Practical

At the end of the build, you need a property that will sell. Choose a decor that will be easy to complement and consider how the property will be used by potential buyers.