Top Tips for Planning an Outdoor Staircase

Top Tips for Planning an Outdoor Staircase

Now is the perfect time of year to start thinking about how you can enhance your outdoor space. You might want to consider fitting a new decking area or a balcony. Alternatively, if you want to create better access to an upper floor or balcony, an external staircase could be a good option.

There is a wide range of possibilities when you're planning an outdoor staircase. The overall style and design will depend on the budget you have available and the space there is to fit the staircase into. Before you make any of the important decisions, here are a few top tips to give you some inspiration.

Choice of Materials

One of the most popular options for an external staircase is wood, as this works well in most settings. If you want to use timber, it's important to choose the most appropriate variety for an outdoor environment. You need a high-quality timber that can withstand the temperature extremes and the conditions it will be subjected to. Timber also requires a certain level of maintenance to ensure it retains its look and durability.

Metal is another option for outdoor stairs, and this material does not need as much maintenance as wood. Metal stairs can be styled into a range of decorative designs and are a good choice if you want to commission a spiral staircase.

Range of Styles

An outdoor staircase can still be manufactured in the different styles that you would associate with inside stairs. Straight sets are easier to plan and install, but these can take up a large amount of space. If you require a more compact design, then you might want to think about choosing spiral stairs. These not only fit into smaller spaces, but they are impressive to look at.

The Decorative Appeal

As with an internal staircase, an exterior set can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. The stair rods could just be straight and plain, or you could opt for a spiral-based design. The style should ideally complement the rest of the property and outside space, but you can go for something truly unique and personal. This will create a feature from your external staircase, and you can even combine a number of materials, including timber, metal and safety glass, to give it a bespoke feel.

Once the staircase is installed, you can decorate it to create a beautiful structure. This could be as easy as painting or staining it to match the exterior style of your home. You can also incorporate plants or exterior lights into the staircase to create a relaxing environment.

An outdoor staircase is a good investment to make in your property. It can provide you with many years of use if you choose a good professional supplier, and it will also help to enhance the look of your home if you come to sell. Ensure that your garden and outdoor space are ready for the summer and start planning your outdoor stairs so that you can begin to enjoy them.