Top Tips for Decorating Your Staircase

Top Tips for Decorating Your Staircase

Having a new staircase installed or renovating an existing one is just the start. Once the initial construction work is complete, you need to look at how you want the space to feel through the use of interior design. Often when it comes to staircases UK homeowners can leave the space blank. However, this can be a waste of the area, and there are many ways in which you can decorate it to help bring your staircase to life.

Hanging Pictures

A staircase is the ideal place to display your favourite piece of artwork or family portraits. It gives people something to look at as they're going up and down the stairs and can make a feature of the space. What you choose to display and how you want this to look will depend on the style of your home and your personal preferences.

For instance, you could just use a single piece to make a statement. A large colourful picture can inject a sense of energy and add some colour, which will become a conversation starter. If you want to achieve a quirkier look and bring out the personality of your home, you can use the stairway to hang lots of family photos, using frames of various sizes and shapes.

The Lighting

Generally, when installing lighting for their staircases UK consumers tend to stick with the traditional option of ceiling lights. This can be an easy approach, but there are so many types of lighting available that you can use it to completely change the feel of your staircase.

For example, if you want to give your home a contemporary edge, you could consider building lights into the side of the wall that runs up the stairs. The size and style of these can vary to match the dimensions or style of the stairway. If you're looking to create a sleek look to the stairs, you can fit lighting into the treads themselves. This not only looks stylish but is also practical and saves space.

Bring in Some Colour

The staircase and hallway are often the first parts of your house that a visitor will see, so you want them to stand out. This will provide a fantastic first impression and make your home feel warm and welcoming.

Neutral colours are typically used in this space, as they blend in with other parts of the house. However, they can also be dull and uninviting, so even just a small section of colour, such as a feature wall, can enhance the atmosphere. Choosing the right colour can also open up the space and make it feel lighter. When a staircase is enclosed or in a small hallway, darker shades will only serve to reduce the light, making it appear smaller.

By bringing in a touch of creativity to your staircase, you can completely alter the mood of the entire house. This is an area that joins the whole property together, so it needs to add something to the house rather than just being a blank space.