Tips to Enhance Commercial Property Protection

Tips to Enhance Commercial Property Protection

Tips to Enhance Commercial Property Protection

All types of businesses are at risk of crime, but ensuring that your property and other assets are properly protected can help to reduce the risk. Criminals are constantly developing new ways of gaining access to properties, so it's important to keep a good check on your premises and ensure that you're fully protected at all times. Here are some top tips on how you can reduce the risk of being a target.

Do a Risk Assessment

Conducting a risk assessment will identify any areas where you're particularly vulnerable. This will enable you to focus on these and improve the measures you have in place. Even if you've carried out a previous risk assessment, doing them on a regular basis can still be beneficial, as some areas of the business might have changed or you may notice risks that you weren't aware of before.

Additional Security

Following the risk assessment, you should fit additional security measures where these are necessary. Depending on the environment your building is in, you might want to consider security gates or tougher exterior doors. It's also beneficial to have good-quality locks fitted to the windows and have security lighting installed, which will both act as deterrents to potential burglars. Other measures you can put in place include CCTV systems, alarms and grilles or shutters on the doors and windows.

Do Equipment Checks

If you have a large amount of stock or expensive equipment in the building, conducting regular inventories will alert you to any losses sooner and help you to keep track of goods for insurance purposes. All your computers and other electronic equipment should be marked and recorded. If possible, these should be secured away at night, preferably in a locked cupboard or drawer. As well as the external threats your business faces, there is also the risk of employee thefts. If you have an audit system in place, it will limit any potential risks from internal sources and show employees that you take a tough stance on thefts or other criminal activities.

Have a Lock-up Routine

Even if you have the right security systems in place, they will not be effective if they are not secured properly or turned on when the premises are empty. This relates to the use of locks, alarm and CCTV systems and door entry codes. All employees should be aware of the risks that the company faces and ensure that doors and security gates are closed and locked behind them. Check the lighting and alarm system regularly to ensure that they are working properly, and if necessary replace any bulbs or tapes as soon as possible.

No business can ever completely eliminate the risk of being a target of crime. However, the more measures that you have in place, the lower the risk will be and the less of an impact it will have on the operation of the business. Keep in contact with the local police service so that you know what the current threats are and how you can try to mitigate these.