Tips for Summer DIY Projects

Tips for Summer DIY Projects

The summer can be the ideal time to carry out a range of exterior and interior DIY projects. If you want to transform your home over the next few weeks, whether it's painting the outside walls, cleaning a glass balustrade or transforming your garden, here are some top tips to help the work go smoothly.

Exterior Walls

Painted exterior walls can look untidy if you don't keep up the maintenance on them. As well as brightening up the outside of your property, it's also important to take care of any cracks and gaps which could lead to water damage. You'll need to do this kind of work on a fine dry day, but excessive sunlight and very high temperatures can have a negative impact on the finish.


Repainting wooden doors and windows can also help to improve the look of the exterior of your property. Firstly, you should fill in any gaps and sand the surface, before repainting using a specialist product. This will help to protect the surface from any damage and enable it to withstand the harsh elements. If you don't carry out this work soon enough, the wood can begin to rot and you'll then need to replace the whole unit.

Transform Your Garden

If you have the time and you want to take on a bigger project, it could be the perfect opportunity to tackle the garden. It doesn't matter what size your outdoor space is, you can still create something beautiful. If you have a garden shed that's not really used, you could convert this into a den or an outside office. In properties where space is an issue, consider having a balcony built with a glass balustrade, which will draw light into the rest of the house and open up the area.

Heating Maintenance

You might not want to think about the weather getting colder, but it is really the best time to check that the boiler is working correctly and resolve any issues. If you've been putting off replacing the boiler, then the summer months can provide the right opportunity to do so. Otherwise, you could be left without any heating if it breaks down in the middle of the winter. Even if you don't need it replacing, it's beneficial to have the system serviced by a professional so that it's working as efficiently as possible.

Call in the Professionals

There will always be some projects where you need professional help, either because you don't have the necessary skills or because it involves gas or the electrics, where it's essential you have a qualified tradesman. The best people will generally get booked up ahead of time, so if you're planning on doing work over the next few months, you should be requesting quotes from them now.

Spending time looking after and maintaining your property means it will be better equipped to stand up to the winter weather. It will also enable you to sit back and enjoy your home, knowing that it's looking its best.