Tips for Securing Commercial Premises

Tips for Securing Commercial Premises

It’s all too easy to become concerned with the day-to-day running of a business and forget to ensure that the property is adequately secured. This can lead to employees forgetting to shut all the windows or turn on the alarm before they leave. It’s a good idea to go back to basics to check you have all the right security measures in place and that they’re used correctly.

Often businesses have all the systems installed, but the last person to leave can simply forget to implement them. This makes them redundant and means the business is more at risk from an opportunist burglar. Every business should have a check list for the end of the day that whoever is locking up follows. It’s all too easy to be concerned about getting home on time or worrying about what you have to do the next day. This will make sure everything is switched on or locked up before they leave the property.

Doors and Windows

It’s vital that these are closed and locked at the end of the day, as they would make an easy point of entry for anyone who walks past. If your property has internal doors that lock, this will slow down an intruder and protect sensitive data. Once the windows are secure, all the blinds or curtains should be closed, so that the contents of a room are not on show.


With companies concerned about their environmental footprint, the tendency is to switch as many lights off as possible. However, they can also be beneficial for security, so you should leave some lights on at night. It’s important to check that any external security lights are switched on and working, whether these are permanently on or attached to a sensor system.

Alarm and CCTV Systems

The majority of businesses will have some form of alarm or CCTV system in operation, but these are only useful if they are actually turned on. A working alarm will alert the appropriate person if there is an intruder, and activated cameras can provide video evidence for the police.

Perimeter Security

When a business closes for the day, the last person to leave should ensure the car park gates are fully closed and locked. This will make it harder to gain access to the building in a vehicle.

Following a simple process every day will help to protect your business and prevent any unnecessary disruption due to a break-in.