Tips for Keeping Exterior Staircases Well Maintained

Tips for Keeping Exterior Staircases Well Maintained

An exterior staircase can be a beautiful addition to your home and makes accessing the garden, decking or balcony much easier, but you need to keep it well maintained to ensure it remains in good condition.

The type and frequency of the maintenance will depend on the style of staircase you choose and the materials that have been used, but if you plan the design appropriately your staircase will be able to withstand the elements better.

The Best Materials

An exterior spiral staircase is a good option, as it looks beautiful and decorative, but it also takes up less space than a straight staircase, so it can easily be fitted into even small gardens or outside spaces.

Aluminium or mild steel stairs that have been powder-coated are a reliable option for use outside, and they will last for many years if correctly installed and maintained. They can be finished in a choice of colours, so you can choose one that complements the property and the staircase will be protected from the elements, including rain, sun, snow and wind.

Maintenance of Your Staircase

By having your exterior spiral staircase professionally built and installed, you will ensure that it lasts longer and is suitable for your location and usage needs, but it will still need some form of maintenance. It's helpful to have a maintenance routine so that nothing gets missed and any problems can be picked up before they become a major issue.

Every few months you should check all the fixtures and re-tighten them if necessary, including the edge fixings, the base fixings and the support brackets for the landing platform. This will ensure that none have become loose, which could damage the structure of the staircase and compromise your safety.

If you do notice any damage to the staircase, it's vital to get this seen to by a professional as soon as possible, and they can help you decide whether a repair can be made or you need to replace an element. This could include the stair treads or balustrades. Thorough maintenance of your staircase will ensure it lasts for longer.

Purchasing an exterior staircase is a considerable investment in your property, and if you want to get the most out of it and keep it safe to use, the way in which it is maintained is crucial. Otherwise you could be left with a staircase that is too dangerous and doesn't last as long as it should.