Tips for Ensuring Your Business Is Secure

Tips for Ensuring Your Business Is Secure

It’s important that businesses take the security of their property seriously. Threats can come from a number of areas, both inside and outside the building. In order to ensure you have an effective security system in place, you need to look at the varying levels of security and how efficient they are.

Securing the Perimeter

The perimeter of a business is the area that runs around the boundary. Security features here are the first line of defence for a building. They should be designed to prevent unauthorised entry and make it difficult for intruders to gain access. Security measures in this area can feature security gates and fences. The level of security you adopt will depend on the nature of the business and the potential threats that are present. For example, you could install a gate with access control or use a manned security system.

Building Security

It doesn’t matter how secure you believe the perimeter of your property is; you still need to ensure that there is adequate security in place with regards to the actual building as well. You need to look at what measures are in place to secure the windows, doors and outer walls. Locking mechanisms on the windows and doors are generally effective and can be combined with an alarm system for greater security. This will ensure that even if an intruder has been able to access the grounds, they will still come up against problems with getting into the building. During the day you can use a keypad or swipe system to control who enters the building.

Within the Building

Security within your building is the final line of defence against criminal activity. This further protects your property if an intruder has been able to get inside. Hopefully, the initial levels of security will be effective, but with criminals becoming more sophisticated in the techniques they use, it pays to have further measures in place should the perimeter and building security be breached.

This can include a CCTV system, which can be monitored throughout the day by a security team to check for any unauthorised visitors. A security system will also provide a source of information if a burglary was to take place, as video imagery is an important element to be able to provide to the police. The cameras can be positioned both inside and outside the building and combined with motion sensors. These will trigger the cameras or an alarm if someone enters an area when the system is armed.

When it comes to choosing an appropriate security system for your business, it’s important to look at all points of entry and ensure they’re secure. Walk around the building and consider all options, from security gates through to constantly monitored CCTV. Think about where the potential threats could come from and how you can effectively guard against them. Security is a vital part of any business, whether you’re a small local firm or part of a national chain.