Tips for Choosing Lamp Post Protectors

Tips for Choosing Lamp Post Protectors

Whether you’re building a new site or re-fitting an existing one, lamp post protectors can be of benefit in a range of settings. They are ideal for retail and office car parks, schools and other public areas. They prevent people and cars getting too close to lamp posts and reduce the risk of their being damaged.

Not all post protectors are the same, and selecting the correct one will save you both time and money in the future. When you’re choosing a lamppost protector, you need to look at exactly what you require. This will enable you to determine the right type of protector for your setting.

Installation Method

There are two main types of post protectors: bolt-down and concreted versions. The one you decide on will largely depend on whether you’re working with a new or existing site. Bolt-down versions can be used if the facility has already been built. They can easily be retro-fitted around lamp posts whilst causing the minimum amount of disruption to car park users. If you are currently in the planning or building stage of a car park, then you can choose lamp post protectors that can be concreted straight in during the initial construction work. Both of these options provide a sturdy and durable solution that will protect the posts for many years.


Selecting a colour for a lamppost protector isn’t just for cosmetic reasons. They can also be used to draw attention to the protectors, especially in dull or dark conditions. The mild steel used in the manufacturing process can be powder-coated in a range of different colours or effects. They can be produced to mimic the style of stainless steel or wood. Alternatively, you can choose a bright neon colour to make them more obvious or a shade that fits in with the corporate style.

Protecting Your Protectors

Lamp post protectors are secured in the ground, meaning that they’re open to the elements all the time. In order to ensure that they last longer, they can be galvanised. This provides an additional layer of protection from weather extremes, including rain, snow and severe temperatures. It increases their longevity and reduces deterioration from rust.

Post protectors are a cost-effective way of reducing the likelihood of accidents happening within your parking site. They keep vehicles away from lamp posts and make them easier to see when manoeuvring.