Three Tips When Choosing a Balcony Floor

Three Tips When Choosing a Balcony Floor

Installing a balcony on your property gives you the chance to have an outdoor oasis that you can use for a range of activities, from relaxing with a morning coffee to entertaining your friends after dark. It also presents an opportunity to design a space that expresses your personality through the use of different styles, furniture, accessories and flooring. If you're considering the type of flooring to use for your balcony, here are three tips to think about before you make any decisions.

Do You Need Planning Permission?

Even if the balcony has been installed previously and you just want to make alterations, it might be necessary to gain additional planning permission before changing the flooring. It's best to be safe, as you don't want to have to take up the flooring afterwards. If you're in any doubt as to the requirements, you should contact your local council to discuss your plans.

What Is Your Budget?

Before you start making any definite plans for renovating timber or wrought iron balconies, you need to have a clear idea of what your budget is. There are many different flooring options available, and these come in at a range of prices, so you need to know what's achievable before you start talking to suppliers. Otherwise you could get carried away with your creative ideas and end up spending far more than you originally anticipated. A detailed budget needs to include all the elements of the work, including the cost of materials, labour and a contingency amount.

Understand the Advantages and Disadvantages

It's not advisable to rush into buying a floor covering for any type of balcony, including wrought iron balconies, before you've researched all the pros and cons associated with the different materials. Wherever possible, it's always best to opt for the most expensive and durable material that you can afford, as this will reduce the cost of replacements at a later date.

There are some cheaper alternatives on the market, but these are not always suitable and don't tend to last as long, so they are likely to be a false economy in the long run. When you're choosing wood flooring, hardwood is generally recommended, as it looks good and, if properly cared for, will last a considerable time.

Once you've chosen the perfect flooring for your balcony and have covered all the administrative duties, you'll soon be able to relax in your outside space and admire the wonderful view.