The versatility of steel

The versatility of steel

The versatility of steel:

Structural steel structures offer a stylish and contemporary look to your property like no other. These structures exude sophistication and professionalism, and they are timeless pieces that will last a long time. Which is why, for many years, steel has been a primary component used in a wide range of construction projects. This is due to the material's durability and versatility, which allows you to weld it to your desired shape.

Thanks to the power of steel fabrication, this material has been used to manufacture items for a whole host of building and design applications. The process is very commonly used in the production of a wide range of standard architectural products, such as structural beams, plates, frames, vessels and brackets, as well as other everyday items such as barriers, gantries, balconies, balustrades, canopies, staircases and security gates.

Steel is a long-lasting building material that is also very cost-effective when manufacturing and maintenance costs are considered. Steel structures can be easily customised and modified to meet your needs.

What makes steel so versatile?

Steel is an extremely flexible material that can be moulded into various designs, giving you the freedom to create complex structures that meet your needs and bring your vision to life. Steel's versatility extends beyond traditional construction projects to include stunning products and sculptures such as balconies, staircases, and balustrades. This material is also used by artists all over the world to create sculptures and art, demonstrating steel's creative flair.

Steel, unlike other materials, is not easily damaged by natural elements like water or air, making it ideal for outdoor use. There are also corrosion-prevention technologies, such as galvanised steel and stainless steel, that can both delay and prevent corrosion. This makes it the ideal material for those looking for an exterior structure that does not require maintenance.

When working with steel, fabricators must follow a strict set of safety guidelines that protect both the structure and the fabricators. These safety requirements may put your mind at ease while also providing an extra layer of protection. The safety steel provides also adds to its versatility, as the material can be used on a variety of projects without compromising your safety.

Steel is also classified into grades, with each grade serving a distinct purpose and catering to specific needs, industries, and applications. Steel's adaptability and broad functionality are highlighted by the diverse range of grades available.

Why choose Bradfabs?

As experts of steel structures, we’ve worked hard to ensure that the products we design, create, and install are fully compliant with the legal requirements. With a number of accreditations under our built and over decades of experience both individually and combined, our hand-crafted fabrications are unlike any other. We work hard to make your vision a reality by maintaining clear and open communication throughout the process to keep you informed at all times.

When you choose Bradfabs, you choose quality. Which is why we work closely with you to understand what it is you’re after and offer clear and expert advice to help ease the process for you. We also ensure that you’re getting the most out of your steel item, which is why we galvanise all our mild steel products. To learn more about our steel products and how to best protect yourself, get in touch today!