The Smallest Homes in Europe

The Smallest Homes in Europe

New research has highlighted that the average home in the UK is the smallest in Europe. The new figures simply reinforce what many homeowners have felt for years. However, if you are struggling with the space available, there are ways to improve your living conditions without having to move.

The research from the University of Cambridge found that over 50% of the homes they analysed were smaller than the minimum standards set out in the London Housing Design Guide. The team looked at information on 16,000 homes in England.

The amount of overall floor space that is available puts UK homes at the bottom of the European chart. The average new-build home in this country measures only 76sqm, whereas in Ireland it is 88sqm and in Holland 109sqm. Denmark achieves an average of 137sqm. Across the different types of properties, the average UK home has a floor space of 85sqm. This compares with Ireland with 88sqm and the Netherlands with 98sqm. The homes that have the least overall space are terraced properties and flats.

The Problems with a Lack of Space

Around a third of homeowners are not happy with how much space they have available in their properties. However, when you actually look at how many bedrooms are available compared to the number of people that live in the property, many are classified as being under-occupied.

The problems caused by overcrowding are not just related to the difficulties in finding space for furniture and other items. There can actually be mental and physical issues for those living in the property. This can range from minor problems with stress and anxiety through to depression and asthma. Cramped homes can also cause difficulties for children and stop people inviting guests round.

Solving the Problem

For many people it’s not always possible to simply move to a larger home. They may need to stay in an area for schools or work or be unable to afford a bigger property. Whatever the reason, there are ways you can work around the space you have available.

Adding a balcony on to the side of your home is not just about creating more outdoor space. It can provide you with another room that can be used for dining, entertaining and relaxing. There are many different designs that will complement your property, such as a modern balcony with a stainless steel glass balustrade.

Within some properties it is possible to use the loft as an additional area. Loft conversions are often used for an extra bedroom, but they would also make a great playroom or family area.

With the rising cost of land and the need to build more homes to accommodate a growing population, the size of British homes is unlikely to increase substantially. However, there are ways you can increase the amount of space in your current property. From a balcony with a stainless steel glass balustrade to a loft conversion, they can all add space and value to your home.