The Perfect Outdoor Halloween Decorations

The Perfect Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Halloween is becoming a time of year when more people start decorating their homes. It's the beginning of the build-up to the festive period, which is closely followed by bonfire night and then Christmas. If you've never really decorated your home for Halloween before, or you're looking for some new ideas, here is some inspiration.

Choose a Theme

Just because it's Halloween, it doesn't mean that everyone's houses have to look the same, and there is still a range of themes you can choose from.

If you've got children or you're expecting a lot of trick-or-treaters, you'll want to create a fun atmosphere. However, for those grown-up parties you can really set the scene with scary themes such as a graveyard, zombie or haunted house.

For those who want a contemporary display, you could go for an autumnal feel, taking inspiration from the harvest season, and keep the look fairly simple, with pumpkins and warm brown and orange coloured decorations. If you want to go with the spooky theme, then there are many options available, with spiders, witches, bats and scary lights. How simple or elaborate you make your decorations is completely up to you.


Colourful and scary lights can be a quick, simple and effective way of giving your property a Halloween look. Exterior lighting is now available in a wide range of different types and styles, including solar and LED models. There are many novelty or contemporary designs to choose from, such as plain coloured lighting or ones in the shapes of pumpkins, bats or witches.

If you have an outdoor staircase or balcony with stainless steel handrails, you can use these to attach cable lights to. Alternatively, on the steps up to your front door you could position Halloween-themed LED tea lights or pumpkin-style lights to welcome people when they arrive.


There are an abundance of different decorations available in high street stores and online to bring the outside of your home to life. You can choose something simple and cheap, or if you have a larger budget there are many extravagant products you can opt for. There's also the choice of creating your own decorations, especially if you have a little bit of creative flair or you want to get the children involved.

Before you start buying lots of different pieces that don't really go together, have a think about the look that you want to achieve and where everything will be positioned. This will enable you to dress the exterior of your property in a more cohesive way rather than just looking as if you've put lots of bits together. You can go for simple hanging decorations that you can use to brighten up a balcony or drape along stainless steel handrails. There is also a wide range of clings and banners that you can position on doors and windows.

However you choose to decorate your home this Halloween, remember to have some fun and don't get too scared.