The Many Uses of Street Furniture

The Many Uses of Street Furniture

When people see the words 'street furniture', they automatically assume that it's related to products that can only be used on pavements and roads. However, street furniture has a range of uses and can be found in a number of different settings. They provide a way of making a space more practical and usable, protecting certain elements or simply giving the area a clean and finished look.

How Is Street Furniture Used?

Obviously, street furniture can be found on pavements up and down the country, but it can also be utilised in a variety of public spaces. This includes parks and gardens, recreation areas, sporting facilities, hospitals, schools, retail parks and transport hubs. Basically, any location in which people may stop for a time in order to rest, get directions or throw away litter is a suitable place to position street furniture.

Street furniture encompasses many different aspects, all of which are designed with a practical purpose in mind. They can be used to keep areas clear from litter, point people in the right direction, enable them to sit or wait in comfort or protect lampposts and signs from damage by cars and other vehicles. The types of items used can include benches and chairs, a lamppost protector, bins, signposts and bollards.

Why Should You Use Street Furniture?

Street furniture provides a solution to a number of issues that are faced in areas used by the general public, including town centres. Many of the products can be manufactured or painted in specific designs and colours to match the existing branding of the facility or region. This can be used for areas that want to carry out regeneration work, as it provides a town centre with a facelift and gives the local residents a sense of pride in where they live.

Installing various items can also help to protect the space from potential damage. For example, you can keep the areas around lampposts and trees cordoned off by using protectors, bollards can prevent vehicles accessing pedestrian-only zones and posts and railings can keep people safe near roads.

By choosing the right type of street furniture, such as a bench or lamppost protector, you can design a space that is practical for everyone that will be using it. However, this will also enable you to create an area that looks good and is easy to keep clean and maintained.