The Key Priorities for Buyers

The Key Priorities for Buyers

When we're looking for a new home, we generally have an idea of what the property will look like and the number of rooms that we require. A new piece of research has shown the key elements that buyers see as important in a property and what they'd be prepared to compromise on, whether this is the number of bedrooms, the location or having a Grand Design balcony.

The survey was carried out by Leeds Building Society and found that in general the typical property that buyers aspire to is detached, in a period style and with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Almost half of those who were questioned (48%) were looking to purchase a detached home, with this style coming out top in the research.

Just over half (52%) wanted a three-bedroom property, with 74% saying that this is the minimum they could have. We are also becoming a nation that likes the convenience of more than one bathroom. Over three-quarters of those who were asked (76%) felt that just one bathroom is not sufficient for their needs, with 56% regarding having more than one as a priority in their next property.

Important Features

The main feature that buyers consider in a new home is location, which 73% of people felt was important. Size came next in the list (68%), and 62% are looking for some form of outdoor space.

The interior décor of a home was the area that most people would compromise on if necessary (29%). Other things that they could overlook were a lack of period features (23%), new kitchen or bathroom (21%) and the layout of the property (21%).

What Are Property Turn-Offs?

Having access to a garden or some outside area was important for many of the buyers who were questioned. 35% of people surveyed would be put off by a property that didn't have a garden.

However, if the property and location suit you in other ways, this doesn't have to be the deciding factor. There are ways that you can turn the property around so that it suits your requirements both inside and outside. For instance, installing a Grand Design balcony could help improve the look of a property that suffers from a lack of garden. This can be fitted where a property doesn't have any usable space or the garden area is extremely compact. The balcony can be designed to complement the style of the property and used in the same way as a garden, such as for relaxing or dining on.

When you're looking for a new property, it's important to have an idea in mind as to what would be your ideal home. However, you also have to be prepared to compromise on certain elements and see ways around the problem. For example, the location can't be changed, but elements of the décor or exterior design can be. If you fail to do this, you could end up missing out on a property that could become your dream home.