The Juliet, French & Balconette Balcony

The Juliet, French & Balconette Balcony

What’s the difference between a Juliet, a French and a Balconette balcony? Well, nothing really. They’re typically thought of as ‘false balconies’ as they’re shallow and directly proceed a set of large French doors, hence French Balcony, with safety railing or glass. They’re probably most widely known as Juliet balconies, coined after Shakespeare’s famous scene in Romeo and Juliet and less commonly known as balconettes - which of course just adds the diminutive suffix to the end of balcony.

Romantic tragedies aside, in today’s blog we’d like to take a look at why more and more people are opting for this South European addition to their homes and how Bradfabs can help you find the right balconette for you.

Continental Style

This feature is most common in the Mediterranean but is becoming ever more popular with the British public for its versatility of style. For a traditional style, opt for steel railings that can be custom designed with wavy bars and/or decorative fixing plates. This is an excellent addition to period properties as it retains the classic feel of the property with a largely contemporary feature.

Alternatively, Bradfab’s signature infinity glass panels will instantly modernise the face of your property and give your room a face lift with a burst of natural light. A glass panel Juliet Balcony will help you enjoy the outside from the comfort of your own home by inviting your surroundings in.

Compact and Cost Effective

Essentially, balconettes are narrow balconies that are designed to give you the look of a full balcony on a property that may not quite have the space. This means that these are often enjoyed on flats where many can be easily stacked without compromising each properties space. 

Additionally, they’re generally more inexpensive than full balconies as they don’t usually require planning permission - though, this information should always be checked before proceeding with your design.

Why Bradfabs?

When deciding which option, size and style is right for you, Bradfab’s team of steel fabrication experts are here to help. With 30 years in the business, we’re committed to engineering quality and will work closely with you on something bespoke to your home.


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