The Best Materials for Exterior Stair Railings

The Best Materials for Exterior Stair Railings

The Best Materials for Exterior Stair Railings


When you're designing an outdoor staircase, there are a number of different elements that you need to consider compared to planning an interior set of stairs. One of the most important aspects is that the staircase will be open to the elements, so it's essential that the material you choose can withstand the wind and rain.


The railings for exterior stairs can be manufactured from a range of materials, and these all have their own advantages and disadvantages that you need to understand. When you're specifying a new staircase, then as well as the weather factors you should also consider the design of the stairs themselves and the style and colour of your property, so you choose materials that complement these and are suitable for use outside.



A metal outdoor staircase provides exceptional strength and durability and won't require as much maintenance as some other options. Metal railings can be combined with other materials to create a bespoke design for your stairs, and their flexibility allows a variety of styles to be created, from simple patterns to more elaborate ones. The metal can also be painted, so you can match the railings to the exterior colour of your property or a feature in the garden.



The use of wood for your railings provides a traditional and rustic look for your exterior staircase, and it works well with a range of other materials. The beauty of timber is that it can be left completely natural or you can choose to stain or paint the wooden railings to give the staircase a different look. In order to maintain the appearance of the wood, the railings will need protecting properly so that they are not damaged by the effects of rot or rust. However, if they're maintained correctly, timber railings can still last a long time.


Wrought Iron

Homeowners who want to achieve an elegant design should look at incorporating wrought iron into their exterior staircase, and this is an ideal material for use as railings. It provides a delicate look that works well outside, and if it is correctly protected, it will be able to withstand the harsh elements. This is often used to create a period look for a staircase, but it can also be incorporated into contemporary designs and can even be painted to match the property or the colours in the garden.